Starry Night was amazing!! Please visit us in Midtown again, soon.
- O Christopoulos
Can you come to CT?!! The Almond Cinnamon is the best cupcake goodness ever! We don't have good cupcakes up here.
- L Neuscheler
Please come back to midtown soon, the pumpkin spice cupcakes are so good they are life changing!!
- L Arredondo
Can I just get a huge tub of the peanut butter cup frosting? I think I've died and gone to heaven!
- M Pike
I bought the Samoa Cupcake in Soho yesterday. It's da best! It's my new favorite cupcake :)
- E Punkimeowmeow del Castillo
Have to say the dulce de leche cupcake was amazing for a caramel lover like myself. I thought that it was only caramel frosting on top but the caramel filling was an awesome bonus!
- S Chan
That Triple Chocolate cupcake was the business...Another chocolate pastry beautifully crafted....
- R Patterson
Soo good glad I got one today after work. You guys should be on 23rd street more often
- Lovely Hunniie Rios
Hey Cupcake Crew, the Chocolate Peppermint cupcake was just simply amazing. You can count on me spreading the word...excellent job.
- R Patterson
Hi, just met the nice guy on 34th and Park ave south and he directed me to your fan page. Tried your mini red-velvet cupcake and I melted, soo yummy... I regret not getting the big one! I love your mobile cupcake concept! Good luck and much success!
- B Manne
The salted caramel cupcake is AMAZING! Might be the bet cupcake I've ever had.
- LL, Harlem
Red Velvet was delicious. Plan on tasting them all!
- F. Mancini
Just wanted to send a quick thank you. The cupcakes were awesome and all the guests loved it!
- L. Torre
I was walking up B’way from Lincoln Center when I spied your truck, the first time I've seen it here on the West Side. Loved the presentation of large and small cupcakes, so I stopped and ordered 2 minis, a PB&J and a Hummingbird. Delicious! The cakes had more texture and taste than many cupcakes. The butter creams were heavenly. And the cupcakes were just the right size to sample a few & satisfy w/o overdoing it.
- P. Liscio
I LOVED your cupcakes. They were so flavorful, which is always hard to capture in a mini!
- Amanda
Thank you once again for creating such delish treats! The chocolate Kool-Aid mini was to die for. Please keep on the menu!
- Nicole P.
Dear Cupcake Crew,
- I'm craving one of your delicious cupcakes. Where will your truck be located today? Thanks!
I'm always getting cupcakes from u when ur on 40th I've reached the point where I gotta hide it so no one will ask me to 'taste' it. Smh
- Stacy Ann
So wishing you did mail order. Just had your cupcakes while on a lil trip to NYC. The best cupcakes ever!
- S.W.
Ok I just had your salted caramel cupcake omg I had a mouthgasim. Lol
- Erica P.
The Cupcake Crew puts it down on the Red Velvet cupcake! Best I've had in New York...Beats Crumbs and Magnolia Bakery in the head :)
- Renee D.
The maple bacon was perfect.
- Sean C.
Can't wait to get back to NYC next month! I'm craving a salted caramel and a maple bacon!
- Stephen R.
Chocolate salted caramel = crack.. delicious.
- Janee H.
One of the best cupcakes Ive had in the city!
- Tina E.
Today's Nutella cupcake was amazing!
- Lynette B.
Cupcake Crew makes the best Red Velvet cupcakes!
- Michelle G.
Your salted carmel cupcake rocked my world! Thank you!!
- Emily S.
I tried it, i love it!...
- Fabien M.
Greetings from Singapore! Thank you for the wonderful cupcakes. :)
- Dennis H.
Yo, the Chocolate Raspberry cupcake? Let's just say that my tastebuds were doing cartwheels and somersaults. Excellent work!!! :)
- Rayshon P.
Your pumpkin spice cupcakes are THE BEST!!! I have tried pumpkin cupcakes from FOUR other places in the city, and you guys are the winners, hands down!!
- Elizabeth F.
Only 15 hrs to go till cupcake happiness not that i'm looking forward to it or anything lol
-Mark W.
Pumpkin Spice is Oh So Nice!!!
- Amy L.
where r u right now? can't locate truck & am in desperate need of a cupcake..please!
- Di S.